The One of Us Global Foundation is currently developing grantmaking strategies that will allow us to partner authentically with our grantees to support our mission, vision and goals. However, we are intentionally focusing on grantmaking that is non-traditional, so we can embody transformational philanthropy.

How can philanthropy be transformational? We plan to intentionally focus on key cultural and systems shifts in WHAT we fund and HOW we approach and do things. Including:

Shifting from Traditional Philanthropy

• Meeting immediate needs only

• Funding outputs, or program activities only

• Restrictive grantmaking that puts in place requirements and prescribed results

To Transformational Philanthropy

• Deep partnership and investment in the immediate needs and long-term results with the communities we support

• Funding outcomes, activities resources that support sustainable and enduring results that contribute to equitable health and wellbeing for all

• Equity-focused grantmaking that is community-driven without unnecessary restrictions

We believe that when we work collectively and consciously align and coordinate funding to drive toward the outcomes and impact we envision for our communities, and shift how we do our work, philanthropy can be a substantive force for equity and dignity. To accomplish this, One of Us is planning the following:

• We are creating an advisory committee of young people to help identify projects, initiatives, and programs that align with our values and will help accomplish our vision, and to help allocate funding to these projects. We will be uploading an application link for the committee by September 14, 2023 and will be sharing the link through our social media as well.

• Our funding will support youth-led and youth-focused programs, initiatives and projects that both meet immediate needs in our communities, in particular the mental health crisis that so many face, as well as address root causes of key issues through systems, narrative and policy change.

• We want to make applying for and receiving grants as simple and accessible as possible.This means streamlining applications and reporting, allowing for in person, video and phone meetings instead, and allowing for transparency and ongoing communication.

• We will continue to evaluate and iterate our grantmaking on an ongoing basis and will be actively seeking input and feedback from grantees, partners and our advisory committee.

The One of Us Global Foundation is also developing a mentorship program for gifted young creators and visionaries to partner up with some of the industry's biggest names to turn their ideas into reality. Passionate about an idea? Want to enact real change in your digital communities? Have goals for the future of our digital landscapes? Good! We want to hear about it. More information to come.