Join Our Team

One of Us is excited to announce three different opportunities to participate on our team! If you are interested in supporting the One of Us Global Foundation mission and believe in our values of love, acceptance and wholeness, we encourage you to apply now for our Youth Advisory Committee, Social Impact Team, and Board of Directors!

Information about each opportunity, and the links to the applications, are below. Please note, the applications will only be open for a limited time since we anticipate a high volume. We will be closing applications for the Social Impact Team and Youth Advisory Committee on October 10th and for the Board on October 16th and will reopen only in the event that we are seeking additional team members.

Please note, we are planning to have simultaneous onboarding for all three groups to help build alignment, community and partnership within the teams. We are looking at holding these sessions online in early November and attendance will be required.

Our aspiration for all three groups is that the members reflect and represent diverse backgrounds, experience, skills and interests.

Want to learn more about our positions? Explore each of them below!